maandag 24 oktober 2011

Taoisme 2: geen triomfalisme

Those who lead people by following the Tao
don't use weapons to enforce their will.
Using force always leads to unseen troubles.

In the places where armies march,
thorns and briars bloom and grow.
After armies take to war,
bad years must always follow.
The skillful commander
strikes a decisive blow then stops.
When victory is won over the enemy through war
it is not a thing of great pride.
When the battle is over,
arrogance is the new enemy.
War can result when no other alternative is given,
so the one who overcomes an enemy should not dominate them.
The strong always weakened with time.

This is not the way of the Tao.
That which is not of the Tao will soon end.

Wat een beschaving vergeleken met de oorlogshitserij en de oproepen tot genocide in de bijbel. Of vergeleken met het Irak-beleid van Cheney en Bush.

Zie Taoisme 1 voor toelichting

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